Flanagans Bar – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do You Have Live Entertainment?

We have a variety of live entertainment at Flanagans Bar mostly depending on the season or types of promotions we are running. We have a section dedicated to sports viewing and always have a basketball, football, baseball or hockey game depending on time of year. We also host UFC and mixed martial arts fight weekend events as well.

Occasionally we will also host karaoke nights, DJ dancing nights and every once in awhile a live band. Just be sure to check the calendar often to see what we have coming up for live entertainment and specials.

Do You Cater Events?

Yes we cater events and all food items we have at the bar are also available on our catering menu as well. If you have a certain food request or want to discuss alternative options we are happy to do so at Flanagans. Our head chef is always available for catering consultations so if you have an event idea and it needs food do not hesitate to run it by us. No party is too large or too small for us to handle when it comes to covering the catered food details. Give us call for your next event as we have you covered.

Do You Have A Party Rental Space?

Yes we have a back room dedicated to large private parties that can be reserved or rented out at anytime. Perfect for wedding dinners, prom and dance nights, award celebrations, team meetups, friend get togethers and business meetings are private dinning room can accommodate a large amount of people while handling a variety of scenarios and requests. If you want exclusive and private party arrangements we can make that happen at Flanagans as we have the service and wait staff to meet most needs.

Do You Take Reservations?

We currently do not take reservations at Flanagans. General seating is on a first come first serve basis.

Do You Serve Vegetarian Food?

Yes we do serve vegetarian food and have a variety of options on our menu. Its important to note that we go out of our way to try and meet unique dietary restrictions so any ingredients you may need altered or eliminated from a dish we always try to grant those wishes. We try to remain as vegan, vegetarian and allergy friendly as possible as we want everyone to be able to enjoy the Flanagans experience.

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