Pairing Your Beers – A Picture Guide To Which Beers, Which Foods and Why

At Flanagans Bar and Restaurant we believe that every meal should be the perfect combination of taste, experience and flavorful imagery. Part of taking that next delicious bite or taking that refreshing sip of your beverage is about making sure the right foods are being paired with the right drinks. Given we have so many beers on tap we thought it would be fun to share this beer pairing picture. Lets take a look at what beers go together well with what foods and make that next Flanagans Bar and Restaurant dining and drinking experience truly one to remember.


IPA Beers – Burgers, Spicy Foods and Carrot Cake and Desserts

The good news for Flanagans restaurant and bar patrons is we have all of the above. While we have lots of burgers to choose from if you do get one of our many IPA beers on tap consider trying the Siracha bacon burger with a special spicy aoli dipping sauce for the fries. Its all the right combinations of spice and hamburger and it really pairs well with every IPA we pour. Finish your meal off with a slice of our homemade carrot cake of course.

Pilsner Beers – Chicken, Salmon, Salad

The best part about Pilsner beers are that they go great with salads giving the perfect opportunity to have a light healthy meal while still enjoying a libation or two without doing to much damage to the diet. We have three types of chicken salads and an amazing salmon salad so if you order a Pilsner at Flanagans do think about joining it with one of our fantastically delicious salads.

Hefeweizen Beers – Salad, Seafood, Fruit, Tacos

One of the more versatile beers Hefeweizen goes with a variety of our menu options and choices. If you are looking for a meal that works with these types of beers perfectly consider trying our pear and pecan salad. Also our shrimp or pulled pork tacos go really well our Hefewiezan’s on tap so plenty to choose from if this is your beer of preference.

Amber Ale Beers – Chicken, Seafood, Burgers, Spicy Foods

Another beer that goes well with a lot on the menu this is one of the best beers to order if you are in the mood for something spicy like our jalapeno double cheeseburger or our Cajun fried spicy blackened salmon. Also our chicken tacos with homemade salsa’s really help the flavors of these beers standout some come on in and try some of these food and beverage pairings out for yourself.

Brown Ale Beers – Pork and Salmon

After reading this list I think people will begin to see why we have so many Salmon and Seafood options on our menu. Not only have we learned how healthy and tasty seafood dishes can be but it truly does go well with a plethora of beers making it an ideal chef’s choice for bringing out all our food selections have to offer. Trust us you will not be disappointed.

Porter Beers – BBQ, Beef, Blackened Fish

Last on the list is porter beers and our wait staff often recommends these beers for those that order either the BBQ ribs or one of the many top choice steaks we have available for consumption. Regardless of what you go with we are sure your palate will be singing the praises of the above pairings before you know it.

If you are looking for great food, great drinks and the best of times make it a point to stop on by. Also if you do not know what to order do not forget to ask your waiter what goes best with what and make your dining and drinking experience all the more sweet.

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