Three Things To Bring Along To Make Your Bar Experience Better – Drinking Accessories Worth Packing

cropped-golden-brown-bar-header-2Being a bar we pride ourselves on creating a great time and great atmosphere for our patrons and guests.  We always want to provide a place for people to come where they feel like they can escape the troubles and worries of everyday life and kick back and relax with friends and family.  From music to pool to darts to food to great service we want to offer a little something for everyone when they decide to come visit.  We welcome everyone with open arms and smiles and truly believe going out and having a drink should be about having fun.  When it does come to building a more enjoyable experience at the bar we invite and encourage our customers to bring their own exciting ideas about how to improve their time spent with us.  Lets take a look at a few of the bar drinking accessories we have seen come into the establishment that really seem to help get the party started.

Must Bring Bar Drinking Accessory Number One: Card Games, Board Games, Drinking Games, Smartphone Apps

While we always keep a few decks of cards around the bar we really support clients who bring their own games with them as we love to see what people come up with.  From old classics like a connect four or dominoes to all the latest online smartphone games and apps like daily fantasy sports or even big game productions such as beer pong we always get a kick seeing what others bring in and come up with.  We have learned about countless new games taking this share at the bar approach and hope to see this trend continue for as long as we are open.  One thing we do know is once you get some good drinks and good games going the smiles and memories always seem to follow.

Must Bring Bar Drinking Accessory Number Two: Portable Vaporizers and Vape Pens

Per a visitor suggestion once we decided to create a small indoor / outdoor section strictly dedicated to vaping and using portable vaporizers.  Being a bar that had to ban cigarettes awhile ago we were always hoping to find more options and alternatives for our smoking guests and this was a perfect way to do so.  One of the more popular hobbies within the younger crowd vaping with device such as the Pax 3 vaporizer is now a huge part of the party culture.  Vaping is a very social activity and we think its great to see all the different types of vape pens and concentrates and liquids on the market.  Who doesn’t like a good some after a good drink right?

Must Bring Bar Drinking Accessory Number Three: A New Friend

Too often we see people come into the bar alone or with the same old friends and this is a reminder to break out of this habit or cycle from time to time.  Maybe its a coworker you just met.  Possibility some one you have been talking to online.  Could be an acquaintance you always see out on your errands.  The point is do not be shy to break out of  your shell a bit when heading to the bar and be sure to get out of your comfort zone a bit.  The bar is supposed to be a social place and we take the approach of the more the merrier.  What are you waiting for?  Come join us for fun, friends and discover a new you!

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